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Get in touch!

Email for music lessons: [email protected]

Email for Miss Carissa's courses: 

[email protected]

Text or Call: 281-624-8130


Contact Information

Ktunes Music Studio

Phone: 281-624-8130

Email: [email protected]

What should you bring?

If you've played your instrument before, bring:

  • The instrument
  • Some past pieces you've worked on so we can see where you are
  • Any pieces you'd like to start working on
  • Any other musical books you have that you may want to use

If you are a new music student, just a smile!

What will we do?

This free evaluation lesson will be different from a regular lesson because we'll mostly just be talking together, meeting each other, discussing goals and so forth. If you're new to music or to the instrument we'll talk a little about the basics of music and your instrument. We'll also come up with our "plan" to go forward with--what pieces you want to study, etc.

The purpose of this lesson is to meet and get to know each other so don't be stressed out, there aren't any tests or auditions you'll have to pass!

Schedule a free evaluation lesson!

We are always eager to share the love of music with others and are eager to meet and work with you We are offering a free evaluation lesson to all students so that we can meet each other and get ready for our musical journey. Get in touch with us via the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!